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Last updated: 27th September 2021

Product Development Process


Scientists of IFRD already developed more than fifty Industrial Products. A total of 34 selected Industrial Products have been presented in the following table. 


Name of the Processes

Low-cost energy-efficient Automatic Sun Tracker, IFRD_30.09.2020

Microcontroller based smart light control system for power saving, IFRD_22.08.19

Production of briquette from waste leaves, IFRD, 11.06.2014

New Design of fixed dome family size biogas plant, IFRD. 09.04.2014

Production of machine oil for power loom industries in Bangladesh. IFRD,21.05.2013

Center Pipe for Biogas Plant. IFRD, 11.03.2013.

Biomass dryer coupled with cooker IFRD, 19.10.2011.

Day-Light Sensory Automated Switch, IFRD, 06.09.2010

Super Saver Dim-Light, IFRD. 06.09.2010

Development of 6m3 Commercial Fiber Glass Biogas Digester. IFRD. 15.06.2010.

Development of Accessories of Improved cooks stoves based on potter. IFRD,03.05.2010

Fabrication of low-cost solar dryer. IFRD, 03.05.2010

Production of LED-based energy-saving lamp. IFRD. 03.11.2009

A New Technique for using Natural Biogas in petrol Run Vehicle under Atmospheric pressure. IFRD. 01.03.2007.

Production of Improved Solar Oven      IFRD  29.6.2005

Radiator Coolant formulation, IFRD-05.07.10

Design and fabrication of poultry litter based fixed dome biogas plant-IFRD

A solar drying plant for postharvest-IFRD

A process for design and fabrication of a fixed-dome biogas plant -IFRD

A process for conversion of petrol engine to a duel fuel engine for natural gas at atmospheric pressure and petrol -IFRD

A process for the production of potassium sesquicarbonate -IFRD

Smokeless model of the improved stove for domestic cooking-IFRD

An improved model of traditional double cookstove for all kinds of traditional fuels-IFRD

Biogas from poultry excreta and offal’s-IFRD

A process for high-efficiency insulating blanket for the improved stove -IFRD

A process for solar oven shadeless model -IFRD

Design and fabrication of solar oven model 2 for cooking using solar energy -IFRD

A process for an improved model of the domestic gas cooking stove -IFRD

A  process for the design and construction of multiple cooking stove-IFRD

A  process for the preparation of new brake fluid formula -IFRD

A process for the innovation for a new solar cooker-IFRD

A process for the preparation of brake fluid -IFRD

Production of Lubricating grease-1987

Production of Brake oil-1979




Product Development Process Product Development Process